Greetings, readers! A lot of you came to our comic through Arne’s portfolio on DeviantArt and had followed along as the pages were uploaded there. Well, this update is special because it’s the first of the exclusive content here on the permanent home of The Androssian Prophecy! While we encourage you guys to keep checking Arne’s DA port for new pieces of art, this site is now the only place you’ll be able to follow the story of Vania, Leena and the Androssian Prophecy. Spread the word!


And now for the surprise! While we may someday put up a Donations link on the site to help sustain our hard work, we thought of a much more fun way to entice you fans to chip in: we’re offering, for the first time, a pack of steamy pinups of our favorite femmes – the Androssian Prophecy Intimate Gallery!


Featuring exclusive shots of Vania, Leena and Tala in erotic, private moments not seen in the pages of the comic, the Androssian Prophecy Intimate Gallery contains 10 hi-res pics from 3D art maestro Arne Cooper delivered in a .rar file for only 5 bucks! A great deal and a great way to support the comic!


Just click the ad on the left to be taken to PayPal, send 5 bucks to “” and include the email you want us to send the file! We hope you enjoy the pics and please let us know if you would like to see further galleries like this one!