Hello, gentle readers, and welcome to Page 53 which is another milestone for us here at Team BadDragon, for it represents a full year’s worth of uninterrupted weekly updates! That’s a record we are very pleased with … which makes it all the more bittersweet that we have to announce a brief hiatus for the comic.


Due to the intrusions of Life, as well as hardware issues that have sent Arne in search of a whole new, upgraded system, we’ve decided to step back for a month. A bit of a break will allow us to insure we have a decent cushion of new material, while also maintaining the very high standard of art that Arne produces. When we return, Vania’s story will resume where we left off, and there may be a new Intimate Gallery for sale*.


We appreciate your patience while we regroup and, also, just appreciate you for your amazing support and feedback. Thanks for sticking with The Androssian Prophecy and we’ll see you in March!


*Speaking of the Intimate Gallery, that link on the left goes to Arne’s PayPal account if any of you generous fans felt like making a donation towards the cost of Arne’s new rig. I know he (and we all) will be grateful for the assist!