Sorry everyone has had trouble reading the text on this page. It’s a wordy one and features a perfect storm of various characters with unique “dialogue fonts.” While I’m sure it will be legible in the printed magazine format (which is the goal), here’s the script for you guys:



LAHMU NARRATION: The creation of mankind would prove to be a polemic matter.

TIAMAT: You have no idea what you have done! You have given them intellect that surpasses the maturity of their ruah! Now they are like you dingir – out of harmony with the lifeforce of this world!

ANDROSS/ENKI/AZAZEL: Then help me to teach them!

TIAMAT: Do you not understand, Azazel? I have failed to teach you! I will have no part in this!



LAHMU NARRATION: And though humans proved capable of performing all sorts of labor for the dingir, the Enlil was not pleased.

MIKAYEL/ENLIL: Our men are being tempted by these female creatures.

ANDROSS/ENKI/AZAZEL: Why should they not be? Our species are compatible.

MIKAYEL/ENLIL: The idea disgusts me. As Enlil, I forbid it. Take them all back to the Abzu with you. They can work in the mines, but I will no longer allow them here in the E-Din.

ANDROSS/ENKI/AZAZEL: As you wish, …brother.



LAHMU NARRATION: In the Abzu, Enki ignored his brother’s decree. It was during this time that Gaderel begat Kallian and Gannelon. They were the first offspring of a dingir and human  union. And they were called nephilim. Soon, more nephilim were born of dingir and human unions and Enlil grew increasingly enraged.



LAHMU NARRATION: Enki taught humans much of the knowledge of the dingir – the secrets of numbers and of the heavens. When it was rumored that Enki himself had taken a human lover, Enlil responded with drastic measures.



LAHMU NARRATION: Enki was imprisoned in Dudael, beneath the desert. The Thalassians know it as Tartarus. It was then and there that Enlil made his fateful decision.

MIKAYEL/ENLIL: Azazel has given the humans our sacred knowledge that they might become as we are. And now his filthy pets threaten to corrupt us. This will cease. I will take it upon myself to wipe this mongrel species we have created from the face of the earth. And with them, the living embodiment of our weakness and shame – the nephilim.