The Androssian Prophecy began its life as a three-way marriage of comparative religion, 3D art and table-top RPGs.

Series creator Arne Cooper, artist and avid gamer, wanted to use the characters he and his friends played as an exercise for learning how to use the DAZ Studio 3D art program. Needless to say, those characters ended up taking on a life of their own. Arne’s lifelong interest in ancient religions and mythologies – the Sumerian creation epic, the book of Enoch, and the Celtic tales of the Tuatha de’Danann to name just a few – shaped the archetypal structure of the story.

As Arne’s original pieces of “Androssian” art (character shots, battle scenes, pin-ups and early comic pages) started hitting the web it drew the attention of many fans of fantasy art including web comic creator Brendan Jones. Unsolicited, Brendan reached out to Arne about possibly joining the creative team behind the Androssian Prophecy, first as a letterer and then as co-plotter and co-writer. With the later addition of Troy Painter, another talented writer and lifelong friend of Arne’s, Vania’s adventure was truly underway and the comic you’re reading now was born.

On behalf of Arne and his team, enjoy the epic rise of the Kyrridwen and let us know what you think!