Greetings, dear readers, my name is KALLIAN and I am writing to you from the place before History becomes Legend; a most important vantage so that you will know the truth of what happened.

This is the tale of VANIA KYRRIDWEN, a young girl of the Tuatha, who just so happened to be the daughter of DANU, the Goddess of Life, and was called by many the “Child of Prophecy” – a dragon-kissed savior whose coming was foretold by the immortal ANDROSS.

The world she was to save, our world, was beset by and hostage to a dark conqueror called MAELGRYN, a man seeking to enclose every living soul within his grip and hungry for the power and the secrets of those long-gone immortals. He put more stock in Andross’s prophecy than most and spent many years and many men in seeking out and claiming the powerful Tuatha girl.

But the girl was not alone. From childhood she was watched over by a small army of skilled guards, of which only one, the woman LEENA, survived to see Vania to her destiny. Leena’s warrior skills and, more importantly, her strong emotional bond to Vania, would prove invaluable in the trials ahead.

Surely this tale also belongs to the beautiful human princess TALA who defied her father’s wishes to join Vania’s cause and enter a war which would soon carve her into a fearsome queen of battle. By her side you will always find RAELEN, the half-breed swordsman who was once her guardian and then her lover.

There are other figures who factor into this story (I, myself, have my part to play), but I will leave that for yourself to discover. As for where to begin the tale, well, I shall do my best to choose just the right moment. Ah, yes, I believe this one will do….