Hey Gang,

You’ve no doubt noticed the lack of updates lately and, this week, more of the same. The reason for that is pretty mundane but regretful nonetheless; starting ooohhhhh now Arne and I are going on a bit of a hiatus. Life’s demands have made it increasingly difficult for us to stay on top of the comic and produce work of the quality that we demand of ourselves and that you, the reader, deserve.

Don’t get us wrong, Book Two is still very much underway, but we jumped into posting it before we’d built up a sufficient cushion of updates in advance. Arne’s a meticulous artist and rushing his work benefits none of us.

So we beg your patience as The Androssian Prophecy takes a couple of months to recharge and stockpile and we hope to see you all back when the updates resume. Trust me, I know what’s coming down the pike and I guarantee you won’t want to miss it!